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Pack hygiène et liberté, toilette sèche pliable, douche, pisse debout, pelle et papier toilette biodégradable
  • Pack hygiène et liberté, toilette sèche pliable, douche, pisse debout, pelle et papier toilette biodégradable
  • toilette sèche pliable
  • douche sea to summit
  • douche sea to summit
  • douche sea to summit
  • pisse debout réutilisable
  • pisse debout réutilisable
  • toilette sèche pliable
  • papier toilette biodégradable
  • pelle rétractable

Hygiene and freedom pack

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This pack contains


Hygiene and freedom pack, foldable dry toilet, shower, standing piss, shovel and biodegradable toilet paper

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Discover our hygiene and freedom package:

Foldable dry toilets made in france cleanis

A solar shower SEA TO SUMMIT

A reusable standing piss made in France Grabuge

A self-retracting excavator SEA TO SUMMIT

A roll of biodegradable toilet paper

Foldable dry toilet:

The Foldable TOILET Kit has been specifically designed for mobile use, in case of lack of functional toilets nearby or desire to save water. It is particularly suitable for van users, in the

boating, the Outdoor.

This unique and patented system includes:

- A foldable cardboard structure resistant to a weight of more than 115 kg

- 12 excreta collection devices with super-absorbent buffer that gels up to 450 ml of body fluids

- Assembles and disassembles in less than a minute

- Reusable many times


- Value for money

- Reduced weight

- Nomadic use, easily transportable

- Lack of functional toilets nearby

- Desire to save water

- Compostable structure

Reusable standing piss:

You travel often, practice outdoor sports, work on construction sites or outdoors, etc. In short, you need your standing very regularly, the solution for you: the reusable standing piss!

This model of reusable standing is made in France, in the Gard.

- Compact: it is in 2 built-in parts to take up as little space as possible in your bag / pocket!

- Safe: made of rigid plastic, there is no risk that it will deform because of your clothes if you use it outdoors.

- Practical: it is sold in a waterproof storage box.

- Ethics: it is made of a plastic composed of 94% renewable resources, it is recyclable in conventional PE recycling channels and it has a negative carbon footprint!

- Ergonomic: it is suitable for all morphologies.

Solar shower sea to summit

The Pocket Shower from SEA TO SUMMIT is a light pocket shower (140 g) ideal for washing during your excursions. Waterproof fabric is compatible with hot water.

An ideal solar shower for your road trips and other nature outings. It is made of high-strength waterproof nylon with a large opening for easy filling and a shower head for even water flow with adjustment.

The shower head offers a regular and well-distributed jet. The flow of the shower is regulated by simple rotation. Closure by winding and loop in D to hang it in height.

The filling is ensured by the wide opening: capacity 10 liters or a shower of about 7 minutes. The flow of water is ensured by the head of the streamlined shower equipped with graduated orifices. Comes with a 6 meter inking rope and a zipped storage cover.

Mini retractable excavator:

Made of reinforced nylon 66, this pocket shovel is lightweight and compact. The handle retracts into the bucket to save space in your bag.

The Pocket Trowel mini excavator SEA TO SUMMIT is very popular for its lightness, compactness and accessory handle: it is possible to store a lighter or small accessories inside the handle.

It is the ideal tool to leave your camp in the state in which you found it.

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