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SEA TO SUMMIT is a small privateLy owned Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of outdoor, travel and hydration equipment.

In 1984, Tim Macartney became the first Australian to climb the summit of Everest without additional oxygen and in 1990, the first man to walk and climb Everest from sea level to the top! An expedition to which he will give the name " SEA TO SUMMIT ".

Roland will develop especially for Tim Macartney equipment much lighter than those existing then on the market and that same year, the two men will join forces to create the company " SEA TO SUMMIT ", in memory of the successful expedition.

The company currently sells in more than 35 countries and has won numerous Australian awards, including for the design of its products.

Sea To Summit is a small private company that designs, develops and manufactures products for outdoor, travel and water sports. We are constantly researching and innovating in order to offer the ultimate solutions for all nature sports enthusiasts looking for innovative, technical, lightweight, durable and compact equipment. SEA TO SUMMIT is now sold in more than 60 countries and has won numerous awards for its design and marketing techniques in Australia, Europe and America.

Today more than ever, SEA TO SUMMIT continues to invest in research into new materials, new production methods and innovative solutions. In this way, we guarantee the ability to offer lighter equipment, with a better finish and even more efficient, to enthusiasts around the world.

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The headquarters are located in one of the most isolated cities in the world: Perth, Western Australia. (three times the size of Texas or more than half the size of Western Europe) Everywhere in Australia, there is this natural wealth: a wild coastline, a very varied nature, wild rivers and deserts accessible to exploration. Whether you are a hiker, climber, paddler, trekker, skier, cyclist, you will have the opportunity to discover preserved and uncrowded places. But Australians also like to travel and visit other countries, off the beaten track. It is this environment and this thirst for discovery that never ceases to challenge and inspire us in our development of new products.


Our goal is to create useful and stimulating equipment. They alone must give the desire to use them and discover the world. Each product is designed to be as light and comfortable as possible, so that you are only focused on your business. You are finally completely free to live the experience of our wonderful planet.

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