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NaïtUp rooftop tents are suitable for all vehicles equipped with roof racks. Enjoy a compact tent chest to go on all roads.

A story of passionate humans

NaïtUp's DNA

Passion, innovation, excellence,

team spirit "scout always"

and enthusiasm

are the values that drive the NaïtUp team on a daily basis.

Patrice Brochier (opposite at the incubator of the École des Mines) and Christian Soteau are two great friends, a self-helper and an engineer, passionate about outdoor (long before Instagrammers existed).

As it was a little painful to go back and forth every night, they imagined a nomadic, simple and original solution to sleep in the middle of their adventure spots: a tent on the roof quick to install (oh the good idea that's it!).

The first in-house models come to life in 2008 and meet their first fans. (Patriiiiiiice !!! dedication eighties)

The NaïtUp brand was created in 2010 by Patrice, and in 2015 the team was formed with Julie, then Thierry (who became managing partner)

Since then, it is a whole team of joyful enthusiasts who takes care of the manufacture, sale, distribution, creation of new models and the accompaniment of customers, uh sorry, NaïtUpeurs.

Because if your NaïtUp tent is such a well-designed and warm cocoon that follows you in the best of your life, it is precisely thanks to the human values of the team.

(and that's so beautiful that you can copy it into a tweet)

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