curtain pack for cars and vans
  • magnetic curtain for car, van and van
  • curtain pack for cars and vans
  • curtain pack for cars and vans
  • curtain pack for cars and vans

curtain pack for cars and vans

Breizh-trotter 7
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Product customization

  • 250 char. max
sun visor for the windshield
Curtain Pack

Blackout and black thermal curtains for car or van.

Please contact us at the 0665610735 before placing an order to validate the feasibility and price.

Our deadlines are 1 week at the moment

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You are looking for a curtain system to sleep peacefully in your vehicle, away from prying eyes.

We have created a simple and effective solution suitable for all backpackers looking for adventure: cars, vans, vans and motorhomes....

Our blackout curtains are custom designed in our workshops in Brittany (56), you will be delighted to install them in a few seconds thanks to our hyper powerful neodymium magnet system.

Product Description:

- 100% blackout and thermal curtains: protects from light, heat and cold for a more comfortable and cozy interior.

- 100% tailor-made, even if we have the templates of many vehicles, you can customize your curtain pack (a doubt call us)

- Our curtains are discreet, space-saving, do not fall during the night with condensation.

- color: matte black, for a tinted glass effect from the outside, we will not think that you sleep in your vehicle.

- production time: 6 weeks once the order has been placed.

- sun visor option: it is proposed to hide the windshield, it is a good quality laser type sun visor with 2 integrated suction cups and a cord for the retro interior.

Data sheet

Weight: 320 g / m2 Composition: 100% polyester

Specific References


creation of blackout plates

For some vehicles, the creation of blackout plates is more appropriate than magnetic curtains or with suction cups. This document explains how to create them.

Download (65.12KB)