This page is intended to answer any questions you may have.

The easiest way is to contact us by phone at 0665610735, we have at heart to keep a link with our customers and to advise them at best.

The different questions are among the most recurrent that we are asked

There are no good or bad questions, each configuration and vehicle is different and we are here to customize our products as best as possible.

breizh-trotter based in Guidel is specialized in the design of products for vans and motor homes
Our goal is to offer you products produced in our workshops in Guidel (56).
Our goal is to offer you products made for you, the sure-measurement allows that.
Discover our philosophy in this short video.
There are several ways to order.
Purchase with withdrawal at our workshop in GUIDEL, order by phone, payment at the time of withdrawal.
Purchase on the website, a doubt call us before, important to personalize the order and register beforehand.
Not comfortable ordering online, send us an email, the invoice will arrive on your mailbox with payment link.
There are no precise rules on this subject.
The baby bed has the same dimensions as a standard cot and has walls on all 4 sides.
The children's bed only has walls on 2 sides at most. Generally speaking, we recommend the baby bed for people who will use the bed intensively between the birth and the first year and a half of their baby's life.
The cot is best suited for vehicles with a high ceiling (motorhome, van).
In a van, the child bed is often the most practical.
The crib is custom made, so we can adapt it to your vehicle to make it as safe as possible.
Da-Gousket fits in many vehicles,
Whether station wagons, 4X4, minivans, vans, camper vans, caravans and boats.
We have at heart to always find a solution to allow you to carry out your projects.
Thanks to a custom-made production in our workshops, there are no limits to your creativity.
Your needs combined with our experience will allow you to choose the most suitable configuration.
The easiest way is to call us at 0665610735
Thanks to our system of slats at both ends, the comfort is closer to a camp bed than a hammock.
The stretched canvas allows an optimum comfort.
We don't have any specific recommendations, many of our customers use our beds without a mattress and others prefer to add some softness.
Our optional mattresses are perfectly suited. Remember to look in your closets, a gym/yoga mat, camping mat, ... will also do very well. reuse is always better.
Each installation is different because we are committed to customizing each bed.
Our beds install in less than 30 seconds and can be installed in several different positions in your vehicle.
Our beds are designed to grow with you.
There are no precise rules, each child is different and it is important to take these differences into account.
The nets will serve several purposes
- to avoid touching the dashboard
- to avoid dropping comforters or pacifiers
- to reassure the child
- to avoid falls
Don't hesitate to ask your child questions and to make him/her aware and responsible before buying. Some children will not feel the need for a net (even when they are young) and others, even teenagers, will ask for one. If in doubt, call us at 0665610735, our experience will be able to guide you.
In general our products, beds as well as curtains, do not require any modification to your vehicle. In some cases, there may be an anchor ring to install but this does not require any special skills, just a screwdriver. The installation of the beds and curtains was thought to be simple and possible for the greatest number. You will be surprised to see your children install their bed alone.