Mattress Shangri-la Vango 7.5 cm
  • Mattress Shangri-la Vango 7.5 cm
  • Mattress Shangri-la Vango 7.5 cm
  • Mattress Shangri-la Vango 7.5 cm
  • Mattress Shangri-la Vango 7.5 cm

Double mattress Top comfort

Vango 6
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Self-inflating mattress Shangri la Vango

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The Shangri-La, as the name suggests, is the pinnacle of the Vango self-inflating mattress collection, designed to offer all the comforts of your bed at home with the convenience of a small bag.

3 thicknesses according to your needs.

7.5 cm: for small vehicles to keep in flexibility of storage

10 cm: the standard, hyper comfort, easy to handle, our best seller

15 cm: we recommend it only for people who have a large van and who we read fixed and who do not want to handle the mattress a lot.

In 30 seconds, the mattress comes to capture the surrounding air and this inflate autonomously.

If you prefer a firmer feel in your bed, it's easy to fill the mattress with a few extra breaths of air to find the right level.

The vertical walls of the mattress provide a flat top and the super soft stretch fabric provides a plush sleeping surface, making the Shangri-La the pinnacle of camping mattress technology

Cyclone Valve - Allows quick and easy inflation and deflation

Elastic Fabric - Made using a soft and elastic thread knitted in a comfortable fabric providing a feeling of intimacy and sleep of the best possible quality.

Ultra-Reliable - Made with precision machined products, high-end TPU laminates and durable fabrics ensuring you won't be disappointed with your mattress.

TPU Lamination – Modern TPU lamination is lighter and allows for smaller packaging than traditional PVC, which also allows the carpet to pack faster and smaller.

Vertical walls – The mattress is built in three dimensions with vertical walls so that the entire upper surface is usable providing a larger surface area and more comfortable sleep.

Data sheet

4.9Kg / 5.9kg / 8.9kg
Folded dimensions
64 x ø25 cm / 66 x ø30cm / 70 x ø45cm
L: 200cm W:132cm H: 7.5/10/15 cm

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