Children's bed for van, van or motorhome

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Our lead times are 10 days max at the moment.
Some configurations are available immediately (150 with 1 x 30 cm net, 160 with 1 x 40 cm net for example)

If you have any doubts about the installation or the best configuration for your child, call us on 06 65 61 07 35


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Hanging children's bed: its little name, the "Da-Gousket " which means "in bed "  in Breton!

Lit enfant pour van, fourgon ou camping-car

Fellow travellers, you are looking for a quick and efficient solution to go bivouac with your little one...  

In less than 5 minutes, your extra bunk will be installed in your vehicle to the delight of children, but also of parents????


Our suspended bed, the "Da-Gousket", allows you to add an extra bed to your vehicle: 

Designed and designed for vans, vans, motorhomes or for sailboats (or boats).

Lightweight and comfortable, the bed is easy to carry and does not take up space when folded.

Custom-made bed, the length of the bed will vary between 120 and 180 cm.

Comfortable, customizable and extremely resistant bed: designed and designed for a long durability over time, Breton word!!

Characteristics of the "Da-Gousket":

Our suspended children's bed adapts to your vehicle as well as to your needs:

- for the little ones: we recommend 2 side safety nets (customizable net height),

- For the little ones who are funny, or the little ones who are restless with sleep: we recommend 1 net on the side to prevent the child from touching the buttons of the vehicle in the middle of the night???? : horn, warning, car radio, etc.  

- For older children, we offer a netless bed with a robust and lightweight aluminium structure, designed for a 60kg child on the move

==> As an option, we offer the hanging bed without net for teenagers, with reinforced stainless steel structure that can support up to 100Kg (option at 30€)

- Bed length between 120 and 180 cm,

- Height of the nets between 20 and 60 cm,

- Fixed width of 58 cm,

- Height adjustable, you will gain storage space under the bed.

The advantages of our children's hanging bed:

- 100% made in France, made in Brittany!

- 100% tailor-made and therefore adaptable to all types of vehicles,

- installation in less than 5 minutes,

- the swivel slats allow the bed to be folded without any tools,

- Unique model and not sold in supermarkets.

Manufacturing time :  1 week at the moment, plan to stop workshops at the beginning of July for summer vacations.

Delivery : In France, 24 to 48H and in Europe, 4 to 5 days

==> As an option, we offer 1 self-inflating mattress of 160 cm (see video) as well as 2 models of duvets for children to guarantee a beautiful starry night for the whole family.

Contact us:

By phone, at or by email at the following address: 

Design and production of our beds in our "Breizh Trotter" workshop in Guidel (Morbihan) in Brittany

A few videos to give you an idea

For the smallest ones, we offer a configuration with the nets tucked in.

This configuration has the advantage of deterring little travelers from going over the nets, and yes the adventure starts very early....

Watch the video to see some examples of different types of vehicles

Fiat Ducato 

Peugeot Traveller/expert, Citroên Spacetourer/Jumpy,....

Ford Transit


Different Facilities

Cab position

da-gousket en position cabine

With the seats turned upside down

lit enfant dans un trafic avec siège retournés

Bench position

lit enfant dans un trafic su la banquette en rang 2


lit en position arrière dans un van

Along the bulkhead

lit enfant le long de la cloison

Examples of attachment points

The solution that works in most cases in the cab position is the use of the sun visor and seat belt buckles

30 Items


Piton Expert

How to install an ink on the sun visor of a Peugeot Expert

Download (510.6KB)

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