Who we are ?

Breizh-Trotter and born in 2019 under the sun of Southern Brittany!

Founded by Christophe, a true travel enthusiast, our company is the fruit of his love for exploration, freedom and harmony with nature.

Christophe has traveled the length and breadth of France and Europe in a van, like a modern-day explorer in search of the ultimate treasure.

Today, he's swapped his backpack for a stroller, becoming the father of two budding adventurers. This transformation into a dad has inspired Christophe to create tailored solutions for those who want to travel with babies, children, or even teenagers.

Whether you're lost, need advice, or simply looking for an excuse to procrastinate at work while dreaming of a vacation, Christophe is there for you. He'll be happy to assist you, either by phone or in person at his Atelier in Guidel - Breizh-Trotter HQ.

At Breizh-Trotter, we understand the importance of every journey, and we're determined to offer you an exceptional experience.

Video presentation of "Da Gousket" the suspended children's bed

Video of a cot in a van or camper van

Children's bed for van, camper van or motorhome

Tailor-made: every project is different. Our beds are created to suit your vehicle and the age of your child.

Practical: designed to add a bed quickly and save space.

Quality: Made in Brittany (FR) in our workshop using top-of-the-range materials.

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Video presentation of our children's bed in a van or camper van based on a Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, ...

Video presentation of our children's bed in a van or camper van based on a Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, ...Our bed can be adapted to any type of van, recreational vehicle or motor home.
Video of a cot in a van or camper van

Discover the version for younger children with 2 safety nets

Vidéo lit enfant dans un fourgon ou un camping-car

Video presentation of the motorhome cot

Video of a cot in a van or camper van

A cot for a van, camper van or boat

Simplicity: a cot for baby or infant installed in 2 minutes without effort.

VSafety: the same dimensions as an umbrella bed to comply with current standards.

Unique: an original model developed and produced in our workshops in Brittany(FR).

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gif lit bébé pour camping-car

Video presentation of blackout curtains

Video presentation of blackout curtains

Magnetic blackout and thermal curtains for cars or converted vans

Space-saving and discreet: Our curtains are easy to store and make you invisible to the outside world.

Simple: Whether for your car, minivan or van, the 100% magnetic blackout curtain will amaze you with its ease of installation and performance.

Made-to-measure: Our curtain packs are produced to order within a fortnight.

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