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The purpose of this page is to describe the various possible installations of our cribs in a Ford Transit vehicle

From 2013 onwards, Ford Transit models have changed. From 2013 onwards, Transit Custom models have arrived. Overall, the configurations and anchoring points remain the same.

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The classic, for all ages!

This is the best-selling configuration, 160 cm with 1 x 30 cm net.
Who's it for?
This configuration is for people who want a net to protect access to the dashboard, or to partition the space when the seats are turned over.
It can therefore be adapted to the smallest when there are 3 seats up front, and also to the largest who don't want to press the horn.
From 2013, Ford Transit models have changed from 2013, Transit Custom models are arriving. Generally speaking, the configurations and anchoring points remain the same. We'll be able to anchor to the sun visor (test carried out with a load of 100 kilos) and seatbelt buckle.
Message to be entered in the personalization field.
example: Traveller 2018, 5-year-old child, 150 1 30, with pouch.
Transit lit enfant 160 1 30
lit suspendu dans un Ford Transit
Hamac Ford Transit


And why not, 2 or 3 beds!

rear, crosswise, anything's possible
Who's it for?
DIY enthusiasts who want a bed that adapts to their plans.
Bed length, net height, tell us what you want.
install rings or pitons for simple, effective inking
Enter your message in the personalization field.
It's up to you to tell us what you want.
2 lits dans un Ford Transit
2 hamacs dans un Ford Transit
Lit superposés Ford Transit
3 lits pour enfants dans un Ford Transit


Focus on inking points!

Who's it for?
If in doubt, give us a call. We're sure to have the solution.
90% of the time, there's nothing to modify on your vehicle
belt buckle, sun visor, handle, headrest post, ...
Just enter your message in the personalization field.
encrage transit
encrage transit
encrage ceinture Ford Transit
ceinture Transit
encrage Ford Transit